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Full Article (Page 12)

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Comment Nawar Alsaadi a construit une fortune de 10 millions en allant à contre-courant

Édition du 16 Août 2014

Difficile de ranger Nawar Alsaadi dans une catégorie. L'homme établi à Vancouver, qui a plus que décuplé un actif de 800 000 $ entre 2008 et 2014, pourrait être qualifié d'investisseur individuel. Nawar Alsaadi, 36 ans, qui vient de publier son autobiographie, ...


Interview on CKNW Radio - June 30th

Interview of Nawar Alsaadi with Bill Good on CKNW (June 30th 2014) regarding the release of Nawar's book "The Bull of Heaven" :

The Bull of Heaven: The Untold Story of a Self-Made Millionaire Who Overcame War and Exile to Champion Shareholder Activism

VANCOUVER, June 24, 2014 /CNW/ - Vancouver based independent investor and new author, Nawar Alsaadi, has released his first book, The Bull of Heaven. It chronicles his early life in war-torn Iraq, his forced exile to France at the age of 12 and how he made his way to a new home in Canada. Nawar Alsaadi's autobiography reveals how he created wealth through the stock market and used this wealth to fight corporate greed as a shareholder activist. The Bull of Heaven is now available across North America through and

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